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Deb's Body Jewelry and More

Welcome to Deb's Body Jewelry and More LLC

Don't see the piercing you want?

Just ask Jessica and she'll give you a price for your unique piercing.   You can contact her through our Facebook page, Tattoos at Deb's.


You can contact Jessica with your tattoo questions at Tattoos at Deb's  on Facebook, but we recommend coming into our Northwood store for your consultation.  


Q.  Do you use piercing guns or needles?

A.  We use piercing needles..."guns" cause lots of trauma to the tissue, cannot be cleaned completely, and we've seen terrible things happen; guns can jam, tear tissue and, in our opinion, cause more pain than needles.

Q.  Are you licensed?

A.  Yes, Jessica has successfully completed an apprentiship and is certified as required by the State of Ohio.  Our shop is inspected and licensed by Wood County.

Q.  Can I be pierced with my own jewelry?

A.  No.  We use pre-sterilized jewelry and tools.  Everything is single-use for your protection.  

Q.  Do you do piercing parties?

A.  Yes.  We do tattoo and piercing parties.  Contact Jessica through our Facebook page Tattoos at Deb's. Or call us as 419-691-3100.  Jessica also does Tap-Out Sessions.  Ask her about it.

Q.  How old do you need to be to get pierced or tattooed?

A.  If you're under age 18,  you must have a parent  or guardian with you.  You also need to prove your age with a driver's license or birth certificate.

Jessica will pierce young children and "chickens".  She's very gentle and very experienced.

Q.  How much do your piercings cost?

A.  Our prices are listed under the pictures, above.  Those prices include the jewelry.  Tax will be added to the price and prices are subject to change.

Q.  How much to you charge for tattoos?

A.  Our shop minimum is $50.  Come in for a consultation for a quote.  The price depends on things like the size of the tattoo, how many colors we'll use, how long it will take, etc.